Sorry Guys…

My apologies for not giving all my faithful readers a heads up, life kinda took me over for a bit and it was all just too much. I took a very much needed mental health break, including a trip back to my home state of Michigan to visit loved ones.

I haven’t touched a puzzle since the last time I posted, on June 2nd. But today, at the very least, I’m back on my computer and sitting at my puzzle table.

Depression and anxiety are no joke, and dealing with them on a daily basis sucks big time. Life just overwhelmed me; hubby had another surgery and I had to drive him everywhere – my anxiety about being on the road went absolutely crazy. That made the depression worse and it was just an infinite circle of one feeding the other. I’m sure that being away from my puzzles didn’t help, but I honestly spent almost all of the last 6 weeks in bed and jigsaw puzzles weren’t even on my mind.

But at least I’ve chosen my next puzzle, a collage of canines that make me smile. Plus, it’s the smallest piece count I have here at the moment (750) other than a 500 piece of 12 shaped puzzles that I’m just not in the mood for right now. I will try to get it sorted today, and may even start on it – but no promises.

So how are you all? Working on some fantastic puzzles? I’d love to hear from you!

*My sincerest apologies for disappearing again, I’m just doing the best I can.*

26 thoughts on “Sorry Guys…

  1. Stacey, we are always so happy to hear from you. We fully understand that life can sometimes take over especially when depression and anxiety are in the mix.. Just happy to have you back in whatever fashion we can get. We’ve all missed you and look forward to more exciting and funny posts in the near future.

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  2. Stacey, You never need to apologize for prioritizing your mental health and doing whatever it takes (including hopping a plane to Michigan!) to take care of yourself. I do hope that visit lifted your spirits and that you are in much better place now.

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  3. Sandra

    It’s always good to hear from you! Doing your best is all anyone can do or ask.

    I’m working on some wooden puzzles and an occasional Eric Dowdle puzzle. I love all the details in his very busy puzzles of famous places.

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  4. Alice


    I’m glad to see a new post from you and hope you continue to feel better. Certainly no need to apologize for taking care of yourself!

    I recently completed a 1000- piece Pomegranate puzzle called Mola Salsa, by artist Eric Wert. It was difficult but a gorgeous image!

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      1. Alice

        I thought the quality was good. I remember seeing a post from you some time ago where you said you thought Pomegranate had gone down a notch in quality but were still good. I would agree with that. This one seemed a bit better than the last one I did, so maybe they’re headed back in the right direction! The box was super-sturdy, minimal puzzle dust, the pieces came in a ziploc bag (SUCH a nice touch), and, most importantly, the pieces were well-cut and image reproduction excellent.

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      1. kazzatheblankone

        Bambi is finished, which means the whole thing is. But I’ve yet to organise assembling it all and photographing it – because it means working with my work’s building security to give me access to the first floor sky bridge to photograph it from above 🙂

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  5. Tayo G

    Checked your blog today and you are back.
    Your mental health is important so
    do take time off whenever you need it.
    I’m glad you are back.

    Not working on anything new.
    My last puzzle was a Falcon puzzle 1000 pcs
    Vintage antics by Donald McGill. It was fun to put together .

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