Dog Days In Progress

The Writer’s Dogs – Buffalo (Dog Days) – 750 pieces

The majority of this adorable puzzle was done yesterday. I’ve figured out a schedule for working on my puzzles in peace (sort of). When hubby is taking a nap that’s when I sneak off to the puzzle room for some precious alone time; if he’s up and working – it’s Netflix time! After he goes to bed for the evening I stay up and work on posts or the blog in general; and if there’s time left over I can even get some extra puzzle time in. 😎

I seem to be quite sensitive to sounds these days and working on my puzzles while anyone is around talking, breathing, moving, or in any way making noise frazzles my nerves. We share the room, but it doesn’t seem as though we’re able to both be in here at the same time. Tag team, that’s the way to go.

The only things left to do now are the three pups. Lots of fur! It will be the most challenging part, but I’m not dreading it at all, I’m actually looking forward to it. And honestly even I’m shocked by that last sentence! Usually lots of animals with fur can be tedious, boring, difficult, and/or frustrating. That may be what happens next, but I’m confident I’ll be enjoying myself anyway.

I’m absolutely LOVING this puzzle. Easy to sort but not too easy to assemble, great quality, a wonderful image for puzzling – it’s just entertaining in every way. What more could a member of the puzzle posse ask for?

6 thoughts on “Dog Days In Progress

  1. Have you tried noise-cancelling headphones? They pretty much changed my life. I especially remember a flight where a baby was full on screaming in the row in front of me. I first put in ear plugs, and on top of those the noise-cancelling headphones. Then I turned the volume up, and all I could hear was my audio book!

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