Freak Shakes 3

Freak Shakes – Cra-Z-Art – Approx. 125/500 pieces

Well, here we are for the third installment of ridiculous shakes that would be near impossible to actually consume. They were lots of fun to put together though, and that’s what matters most.

Have these puzzles inspired any of you to give one of these Cra-Z-Art sets a try? They really are fun to put together, don’t listen to the ornery old lady complaining about these crazy new-fangled shakes the youngsters are having. She’s in a mood. Just smile and nod.

And if you’re thinking you might want to give these small shaped puzzles a try – go for it! There is much fun to be had by all. (Plus, I found four new sets that I haven’t purchased yet. Oh my!)😊

As a child of the 70s and 80s, I must confess that little dehydrated marshmallows (like the ones in Lucky Charms cereal) are very tasty indeed. While the shake itself doesn’t interest me at all, those marshmallows look yummy – and squeaky too!

By the way, what kind of ice cream is that purple color? I’m not adventurous with ice cream flavors, mostly chocolate for me – or homemade flavors with fruit. I’ve never even seen blackberry or blueberry ice cream that color, and those are the fruits that turn the most purple.

A muffin, what looks like a mini waffle, chocolate cereal, crackers, a cookie, some other stuff I cannot identify, and lots of caramel popcorn. That is truly a freak of a shake!

Think this is my favorite of them all – just because of the colors. It’s bright and sort of exciting to look at, and it was really fun to put together as well.

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