I Love the 80s…Finally in Progress

80s IP
I Love the 80s by Charlie Girard – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

FINALLY! It took me until just this morning to, at last, get going on this puzzle. As of nine o’clock this morning the Selfies puzzles were still on the board, un-photographed.

It was NOT a good weekend.

But, I got them photographed and got the 80s puzzle sorted and started. All the progress you see here was done this morning. I had to get myself back to the board no matter what, I was going crazy without my puzzles to help me with my depression, pain, stress and anxiety.

15,300 cases of Covid in my state yesterday. Just my state. Not a whole country. Just. My. State. What the hell is going on? BLEEPING BLEEP! With all this going on I should be puzzling 16 hours a day to keep myself calm. *insert a giant sigh here*

Anyway, I’m back at the board. I’ve written today’s post and tomorrow’s too. Hopefully by Wednesday I will be feeling a little better. Even the teensiest bit better would be a relief. Thank God for puzzles! 💗🧩💗

6 thoughts on “I Love the 80s…Finally in Progress

  1. Deb

    I love that puzzle and I love the 1980s especially the music. My kids were into neon-colored clothing, those bright rubber bangle bracelets and stickers.
    I just texted a friend the same thing – what in the heck is causing the upswing in cases! It was starting to feel a little normal, then WHAM!

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    1. I’m listening to some Wham, AC/DC, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Prince, and many more. I have a great 80s playlist that is keeping me company while I assemble this puzzle. 🙂

      As for covid, I have an answer, but I have a firm policy of no political talk here so I can’t really answer. Things are bad here and they don’t seem to be getting better.


    2. Penny Weiss

      We opened too early in FL…packed the.beaches…and people just stopped wearing masks and really got lax with.their social distancing. And now we pay the price.

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