Pets Selfie

Pet Selfie
Pets Selfie by Howard Robinson – Wentworth – 40 pieces

For Valentine’s Day this year I decided to assemble this micro puzzle, because what better example of pure, unconditional love and friendship than our furry friends and family? They’re amazing, and always ready to give lots of love❣

You would think a puzzle hoarder like myself would have plenty of “love” puzzles to choose from, but I don’t (at the moment). There are many puzzles here that I love and am looking forward to assembling, but not ones that are love-related. But when I picked up this puzzle and saw the goofy faces of the pets I thought that this would be the perfect image for today. I think I was right; it’s so adorable and I love their sweet faces.

Pets Selfie whimsies

How cute are these whimsies? I was a little confused by the one in the middle though, perhaps it’s a dog house? Or do I have it upside down? Suggestions anyone?

Hubby and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day, we haven’t for most of our marriage. I expect him to treat me as if he loves me every single day of the year, and he expects the same from me. We don’t need a special day for it, in our house that stuff happens all the time. 💖

I do usually celebrate February 15th though – half price candy day!! 😉

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