Fawn and Flowers

Fawn and Flowers by James Hautman – Buffalo – 300 pieces

I assembled this puzzle while I was working on yesterday’s review, Ruby Red – I needed a win in the middle of all those black pieces! This  image was pretty, only 300 pieces, and exactly what I needed. 🙂

Buffalo 300 piece puzzles are great quality, with nice, thick pieces that feel good in your hands. They fit together extremely well and have lovely images to choose from. I’m not always in the mood for larger piece Buffalo puzzles, but I’m always happy to put together a 300 piece – they’re perfect for a quick, fun assembly.

Wildlife, nature and landscapes aren’t my usual choices; I prefer collages and bright colors for the most part. But purchasing puzzles at thrift stores has been quite the learning experience for me, puzzles I wouldn’t necessarily choose for myself I assemble because they’re available. I end up loving almost every one of them, and am usually surprised at how fun they are! I suppose it shows my age that I’m still surprised by this. 👵

Give a different image a try, you might end up loving it❣

2 thoughts on “Fawn and Flowers

  1. Anonymous Person

    Oh this is a beautiful beautiful image ♥ The 300 piece count is perfect, maybe even 500 would have worked. If this was a 1000 piece puzzle I would have passed it up because it would have made the solid parts of the background and the fawn’s fur so much more difficult. I doubt this is still in print since this was a thrift store find but I’ll have to check to see what other designs the Hautman Brothers have done for Buffalo, if at all, recently.


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