Mother and Daughter (2)

Mother and Daughter (2) by F. Sands Bruner – Falcon de luxe – 500 pieces

It’s finally finished! It was on my board for more than 2 weeks, most of the time it sat untouched while I was hospitalized, but I finally completed it and it’s off my board. Hooray!!

I absolutely love this image and it’s companion that I previously assembled; both images remind me very much of my mother, who is just as beautiful as the woman pictured and also loves knitting and crafts. As soon as I saw these puzzles I had to get them, and I’m glad I did. They were both challenging assemblies, but it doesn’t take away from how much I love the images themselves. Love, love, love them! ❤

I’m not sure how I feel about this brand, Falcon de luxe. They are a good thickness and sturdy and the image reproduction is gorgeous. Most of the pieces are ballerinas, although there are a few other shapes to work with. The pieces can seem to fit where they do not belong, and that I am not a fan of – especially with an image that looks vintage. I find these images a challenge because although the finished puzzle doesn’t look difficult the pieces themselves seem almost blurry and indistinct; it’s the “vintage” look (just my opinion here). When you have “fuzzy” pieces to work with it’s even more difficult if pieces seem to fit in multiple places. I will have to assemble an easier image or two in order to compare; I don’t like passing judgement until I’ve given a brand a few tries.

Until I allow myself more puzzle shopping I’m holding back judgement on this brand. For the most part it’s good, they’re not a cheaply made puzzle. Although I do wish there were more variety in the piece shapes. This puzzle in particular though, made me very happy. I absolutely love it, and the beautiful lady it reminds me of. ❤❤

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