Retro Dogs

Retro Dogs – Remarks – 300 pieces

Isn’t this an adorable puzzle? Look at all the cute puppies! My oldest son gave this to me for Christmas, and my daughter helped me put it together on Christmas Day while waiting for Christmas dinner. A super fun puzzle that was made even better because I got to work on it with my baby girl.

Easy to sort, easy to assemble, adorable dogs and a great finished image. Re-marks makes some great collages. There were lots of words to assemble, which is always fun for me, and I also loved that my dog’s breed is represented there too (a cute little Boston Terrier, second from the left in the bottom row).

I’ve really been having a good time with the 300 piece puzzles lately, and glad that one of my Christmas present puzzles was 300 pieces too! I still enjoy larger piece counts, but there’s nothing quite like a smaller puzzle that’s still a little bit of a challenge that can be finished in one day. So fun!

The quality was pretty good; thick, sturdy pieces that fit together well. I enjoy the larger size of the 300 piece puzzles, and I enjoy being able to finish them quickly. This one was quick, fun, and cute as a barrel of puppies! Definitely recommended. 🐶

3 thoughts on “Retro Dogs

  1. Anonymous Person

    Re-marks does have lots of great images for their smaller piece count puzzles — I so wish they were available as 500 or 750 piece puzzles. I do assemble puzzles more than once but I still can’t justify the cost of a 300 piece puzzle when I finish it up too quickly.


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